• All people in the Region of Waterloo deserve a safe place to call home.
  • Treat those without homes as humans first.
  • Regional Government needs to work with the private sector and Governments at all levels to address this issue.
  • This is a complex challenge that involves dealing with addiction and mental health as part of the overall solution.
  • Working collaboratively with non-for-profit agencies such as The Working Centre (Mansini Family), House of Friendship, Habitat for Humanity, Waterloo Region along with private sector developers and builders can lead to most timely and cost effective solutions.

Access to health care

  • All residents of the Region of Waterloo need equitable access to healthcare.
  • We need to ramp up our efforts, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, and other community groups, to attract and retain doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to ensure everyone has access to wellness and health care.
  • We need to encourage the Provincial Government to repeal damaging legislation that continues to damage our healthcare system, such as Bill 124 which limits wage increases to 1% for healthcare workers across the Province.
  • We need to encourage the Provincial Government to strengthen legislation to ensure an adequate level of care for our seniors and the most vulnerable in our society to get the care they need and deserve.

Affordable housing

  • We need to work with our local builder and development community to advance an innovative approach for the Region of Waterloo that ensures we maximize land use within our boundaries to provide housing options and opportunities for everyone.
  • Expedite building permit process to encourage additions or secondary dwellings for existing properties; these types of buildings will ensure more multi-generational and affordable housing opportunities for everyone in a timely fashion to address this real need in our Region.

Promote Climate Action and reduce carbon emissions

  • The Region needs to find ways to encourage the changes necessary and provide incentives for our residents to reduce their carbon footprint for space and water heating and personal transportation, wherever possible.
  • There are potential funding opportunities through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and other levels of Government that allow the Region to provide additional incentives to drive this change; Vancouver and Toronto's additional subsidies of space and water heating and electric vehicles are prime examples showing us what can be done.
  • We need to work with our local builder community in developing of a Green Building Standard for the Region of Waterloo to ensure all new housing will meet the mandate of carbon reductions and climate change mitigation with our future development.


Jim Bolger's Plan