Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will you do to ensure the local governments celebrate diversity and promote inclusion for groups that have been traditionally underrepresented or excluded from participating fully in our community?

Answer: I have always looked at our Regional as a great example of diversity inclusion in our community. Regardless of your ethnic background, religion, gender or sexual orentiation, mental or physical disability, you should be included and made to feel welcome and included. As we identify any shortcomings in that effort we should engage in a public campaign to deal with that. That may take many different forums but is worthy of our best efforts.

What are you prepared to do to help our region, local business, and workers recover from the COVID19 pandemic?

Answer: We need to find ways, in collaboration with all levels of government to provide stimulus for business owners to help them build back their lost revenue they endured during the pandemic. This is especially true in the small retain, restaurant and hospitality industries. Any flexibility we can extend in terms of enlarging patios, expedited approvals for expansion are examples of things that should be done.