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Endorsements: What people are saying

The Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association organizes events to bring residents together and to support our neighbours.  During the period of 2003 to 2006 when Jim Bolger was our Ward Councillor the LNA was fully supported and recognized by Mr. Bolger.

His genuine caring and ability to listen to neighbours was always apparent in his actions.  He regularly met with all the Ward Neighbourhood Associations quarterly for updates and when there were important votes pending that would affect our Ward.  Jim listens and acts according to best serve the residents of his Ward.  Mr. Bolger was very instrumental in bringing the Laurelwood YMCA and Library facility to the West end when others thought it was a pipe dream – Jim didn’t, and it is still the most visited library location in the City of Waterloo.

The Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association would be proud to have Jim Bolger and his tireless work ethic represent Waterloo at Regional Council.

Tim Osland


With the Region and many of its municipalities losing a large number of political representatives, I was delighted when Jim announced his candidacy for Regional Council in the upcoming municipal election. Jim understands how regional and local governments work and what it will take to ensure a sustainable future for the Region of Waterloo.

Jim has a proven track record in municipal politics as well as extensive volunteer and advocacy experience on finding solutions and taking action. He has also been a successful business owner/operator of Waterloo Energy Products for 20 years providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling options to satisfied customers including myself.

He is precisely the type of person we need at the Regional Council table bringing credible approaches to dealing with the many challenging issues facing the region including post-pandemic business recovery and growth, climate change and energy transition, homelessness, affordable housing and healthcare.

I hope that other voters will join me in helping elect Jim Bolger to Regional Council where he will draw on his extensive background in municipal government and business to bring real solutions to address the key issues facing the region.

Jim Whitestone (farm owner in Waterloo Region and former Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change)